7th Annual Polar Bear Tank Race | Sandhills Motel & Glidden Canoe Rental

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If you are looking for adventure for 2014, then come join us at Sandhills Motel & Glidden Canoe Rental for the 7th Annual Polar Bear Tank Race! This is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss as teams’ race down the Middle Loup River in stock tanks during this exciting winter challenge.

This year the Polar Bear Tank Race will be held February 28th-March 1st 2014. Registration for this event is on a first come first serve basis, so it is important that you register early to reserve your spot! The first 22 teams to register will compete that day! Act now and get your registration form at www.sandhillsjourney.com. Be sure to mail your completed registration form and entry fees to insure your team’s spot.

We encourage all participants to decorate and dress up! However, all tanks must be decorated while you are racing down the river. Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental created this event as a fundraiser to create awareness for the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway. The event also allows for people to experience a fun stock tank adventure, if they haven’t before! You must be 21 to enter this event!

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Here is the schedule for The 7th Polar Bear Tank Race:

 Friday, February 28th

5:00-6:30 P.M.-Registration of Teams & Welcome Reception at Seneca Auditorium. You MUST attend the registration and the Welcome Reception in order to be a qualified race team.
6:00P.M.—Soup Cook-Off—Sample various soups from Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway communities.
Drawings for race departure times will be held immediately following the Soup Cook-off.

SATURDAY, March 1st
(Saturday Events—Mountain Time)
8:00 A.M.—Breakfast included at Mullen, at the Consolidated Telephone Building. Transportation will be provided to the launch site on the Middle Loup River from the Consolidated Telephone Building.
9:00 A.M. —First tank will be launched other tanks launched in short intervals according to the draw order. A hot lunch will be provided after the race. Transportation will be provided from the finish line back to the Consolidated Telephone Building.
5:00 PM—7th Annual Polar Bear Tank Race
Awards Banquet – held at the Seneca Auditorium

Don’t forget to make reservations for a room at our comfortable hotel as well. Come and relax in Mullen, Nebraska today! Each of our rooms offers air conditioning, Direct TV, guest laundry facilities, RV hookups, and telephones. We’re open 24 hours too for your convenience!  The Sandhills Motel has clean and comfortable lodging for people visiting the countryside lying just beyond the town of Mullen.

In addition to providing the best in Nebraska lodging, we’re happy to assist you in planning the activities and excitement destined to become great memories. After stock tanking enjoy the peace and quiet of lying your head down on a soft pillow and hearing nothing outside except the sound of a night breeze in the Sandhills and a river trickling across the Nebraska countryside. It will be an experience you won’t forget, so come join us for a stock tank adventure! We look forward to having you! For more information visit our website at www.sandhillsmotel.com or call us at (308) 546-2206 or 1 (888) 278-6167.