Camping in Nebraska: Essential Spring Camping Trips

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There’s nothing better than camping in Nebraska.  The wide open spaces and the beautiful landscape all come together to make a truly beautiful camping experience.  Spring is here and, while there still may be a few months before summer camping season picks up, we’ve got some spring camping tips to help for you and your family for your next camping trip in Nebraska.

Pack Warm Clothes

After being cooped up all winter, it’s nice to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and spend some time reconnecting with nature.  It’s refreshing to

Camping in Nebraska is a blast.

When camping in Nebraska, make sure you’ve got the right supplies.

spend a day outside in 60-degree weather.  It’s also not warm enough yet to stay in your shorts and t-shirt past sunset.  Not only that, it is still spring.  Rainstorms are generally cooler than they are in the summer, and there’s always an off chance for a light snowfall.  Take our advice to heart and pack some warm clothes.  Jackets, long-sleeved shirts, and wool caps are all essential clothing supplies to take with you on your spring camping trip in Nebraska.

Stay Dry

It’s such a wonderful feeling waking up to hear the rain gently falling on your tent.  You feel nice, dry, and cozy, and it can be a truly amazing experience.  Once you realize it’s raining, the doubt can creep in and you might be wonder exactly how much longer you’ll be dry and cozy.  Nobody wants to be soaked after the sun goes down.  Spring camping tips also mean tips on how to stay dry, so do these simple things to stay dry during you camping trip in Nebraska:

  • Set up a tarp over your tent. This means a big tarp, and hopefully one with grommets in it at several points.  Tie it off tightly to the trees so the center forms a peak and the sides slope down, like the roof of a house.
  • Also, put a tarp under your tent for protection against the cold and wet.
  • Sleep on foam pads, not directly on the tent floor.  That’s for warmth as much as for dryness.
  • Pack rain gear like rain jackets or ponchos, rain pants and boots.

 Plan for Bugs

One of the many nice things about spring camping is that the mosquitos aren’t out in full force yet.  It’s not just mosquitoes either, many bugs won’t be out for a while yet.  However, it’s a good idea to bring some insect repellent just in case.

Bring the Sunscreen

Just because it’s not 70 or 80 degrees out doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining.  Depending on how much hiking you’re going to be doing, or how exposed to the sun you are, you still need to protect your skin from the sun.  Many people don’t include this in their spring camping tips, but it’s still extremely important.

Normal Camping Supplies

First aid kit, flashlight, local map…these are all things that you’ll need to pack.  In fact, they’re just as important, if not more so, than summer camping.  Spring camping means there will be less people around than there typically are during the summer camping months.  Another spring camping tip that many people forget to mention is to be aware of any wildlife that may be coming out of hibernation.  While chances are slim that you’ll come across any dangerous wildlife, you should make sure your food is secured away from your campsite in an airtight container.  This will keep it dry, fresh, and keep the scent of the food to a minimum for any animal waking up from their winter nap and hungry for a snack.

Camping in Nebraska can be a treat for you and your family.  These spring camping tips will help you enjoy your camping trip and allow you to relax and enjoy nature to the fullest.  At Sandhills Motel, we’ve got motel rooms, RV camping, and tent camping all ready for you and your family.  Give us a call at 308-546-2206 or contact us to make your reservation today!