Camping preparation for doing some RV camping in the spring

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Camping preparation for doing some RV camping in the spring

Preparing for going camping is a spring tradition, and one that can get the excitement bubbling for summertime activities. Going RV camping requires a bit more work to get ready than just tent camping. There are numerous steps that need to be taken to ensure your RV is ready to hit the road for some spring and summer camping. Here are just a few camping preparation suggestions we’d recommend for your RV to guarantee it’s in proper working condition.

After Winter Inspection
Inspecting your RV after the winter is crucial to make sure it didn’t get damaged since you last used it, especially if you live in an area where large amounts of snow fall. Your RV can easily get damaged without you realizing it. You don’t want to go RV camping and have the roof cave in one you unexpectedly, so inspect it closely for a bending roof or water leaks. Remember to check it for any critters that may have tried to take refuge in there, such as mice.

Check the mechanics
Before you get ready to move it, make sure you reinstall the battery, check that the brakes work properly, and make sure the lights are in proper working condition. When camping in an RV, camping preparation becomes just as much mechanical as it does organizational. Be sure to check the tire condition, air pressure, and lug nut torque, as well as the water system. Check all of the fluids including the antifreeze and oil. Inspect the gas appliances such as the stove burners very closely to make sure they work perfectly.

Clean thoroughly
After sitting for a whole winter season, your RV is sure to have collected a fine layer of dust and other various debris. Be sure to clean everything thoroughly, watching out for spider webs and other nests. Nobody wants some extra critters joining them on their RV camping trip and many different creatures can find their way into your RV during the winter to seek shelter from the cold.

Test your awnings
One of the perks of RV camping is having an awning to extend and sit under when it’s sunny. That can’t happen if your camping preparation doesn’t include an inspection of your awning. Make sure it is able to extend and that it doesn’t have any holes or nests inside that weren’t there last season.
There is a lot of camping preparation that needs to take place before the season starts, and the season is upon us. Get your checklist ready and get those RVs ready to roll. We look forward to seeing you this summer!