Canoeing Adventures for Family Fun

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The waterfront sport of canoeing calls for an open-decked vessel, a paddle, and a sense of adventure. The individual engaged in this fun activity is both the rider and the propeller of the canoe—he or she sit or kneels in the bottom of the boat and uses a single-bladed paddle to propel the vessel forward through the water. To turn, one simply must alternate which side of the boat they push water from. The power source? Simple arm strength and motion.

Perhaps what helped to reinvent this mode of transportation for canoeing adventures and entertainment was the all-American love of sport and competition. In an activity where speed is determined by human effort, the opportunity to pursue a finish line with a paddle has spurred the sport of canoe racing. As a recreational activity, canoeing adventures can range anywhere from whitewater rafting for the daring, to canoe camping for those who want to combine a multi-day nature outing with water transportation. Whatever the purpose, sport or leisure, the goal is to get out on the water and have a good time.

A canoe can be steered and propelled by one or more riders. You can go it alone, or make it a family canoeing adventure built on teamwork. Learning the strokes together and using them cooperatively to navigate the water is the perfect way to spend time as a family. Getting started requires securing the proper equipment and supplies:

Equipment Needed for Canoeing Adventures

Before you head out to buy yourself a pricey canoe, consider this: renting from a fun canoeing destination is a good way to take your family on a trial run with this new activity. Plan a short getaway at a popular canoeing location, and pack your crew up for a weekend full of outdoor exploration and canoeing adventures!

Glidden Canoe Rental at the Sandhills Motel outside of Mullen, Nebraska is the perfect place to start, because it has river options for canoeing at all levels. Looking for something relaxed? Take the leisurely Middle Loup River. Ready to up the ante? Take a more technical trip down the fast-paced Dismal River. From the life-jackets, to the paddles and canoes, Glidden Canoe Rental has everything you need to make it a fun and light-hearted experience. Well, almost everything….

If you’re canoeing as a family, we recommend using the following check list for a proper canoe trip. Pack a backpack, and get ready to ride!

Canoe Trip Check List:

☐ Swimwear with or without regular clothing. When you’re on the river, chances are good that you’ll get a splash or two!
☐ Shoes with laces or straps. Flip flops tend to come off and get lost down the river.
☐ Extra clothing. No matter the season, there’s always that possibility of growing cold when you’re on water.
☐ Sun-tan Lotion and a Hat. Even on a cloudy day, your skin is still susceptible to those dangerous UV rays.
☐ Snacks. This is especially important if young children will be taking part in the activity. Paddling takes energy, so bring some high-energy snacks!

Once you’re packed up, on-board, and ready to paddle, here’s a different sort of canoe trip check list—a list of things you can expect from your weekend of canoeing adventures: outdoor enjoyment, wildlife spotting, family togetherness, photos for the family album, and irreplaceable memories!