Fall Camping in Nebraska Tips

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The fun of camping doesn’t have to end after the hot, summer weather is gone for the year. If you enjoy the cool, crisp air of autumn and keeping snug next to a bonfire with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands, fall camping is just the thing for you. With Nebraska typically having mild weather this time of year, an afternoon hike can be enjoyed without getting hot and sweaty as you would in the summer, and a night’s sleep can be had without braving through the well below freezing temperatures of winter. But just like camping in Nebraska during any other time of the year, being prepared will ensure you stay comfortable and safe during your trip. By following the tips below, you can make your next fall camping excursion a vacation to remember.

Dress for the weather
Although temperatures tend to be mild in the fall, it is best to bring attire along with you to protect you from any kind of adverse weather. Bring a winter coat, no matter how warm the forecast predicts the area to be while you’re camping. Dressing in layers is the way to go so that you can remove items during the day, and then put them back on as needed as the evening chill sets in. Long underwear, knit hats, mittens, and lightweight jackets are all great for layering during your trip. Waterproof boots and outerwear are a must on any camping trip, but are particularly essential in the fall so you don’t end up wet, cold and miserable.

Bring the right equipment
What works for camping in Nebraska in the summer doesn’t always work for fall camping, so take a look at your camping equipment before you head out for the campground, and make sure it’s up to par for your autumn plans. Sleeping bags are typically categorized by whether they’re a summer season (when outside temperatures are 35°F and higher temperature), 3-season (for temperatures between 10°F and 35°F) or a winter season (for temperatures 10°F and colder) sleeping bag. The chilly fall nights call for a 3-season sleeping bag, preferably one with a hood to keep heat from escaping. A sleeping pad is also a necessity in the fall, and will keep you from lying directly on the cold ground. Your tent may be the most crucial out of all of your camping gear, and should be a sturdy waterproof 3-season model that can withstand wind and rain.

Set up early
With the days getting shorter and shorter, dark seems to arrive before you know it. Fumbling while trying to assemble your tent by the glow of a flashlight is time consuming and frustrating. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to put your camp together while the sun is still up so that by the time evening rolls around, you’ll be free to roast s’mores and tell ghost stories by the campfire.

Keep your campfire safe
Arguably, one of the best things about camping during the autumn months is keeping cozy next to a campfire, but making sure you practice a few safety tips can ensure your camping trip doesn’t go up in flames. While you’re preparing for your trip, check to see if there are fire restrictions in place in the area you plan to camp in. Flammable fluids should never be used to start a campfire, and the use of them could result in serious injuries. Always keep your campfire attended, since a flare up can cause a disaster in a matter of minutes. And remember to put your fire completely out before going to bed or leaving the campsite; drown the fire out with water or use a shovel to mix dirt into the fire until the fire site is completely cool.

Eat hearty
Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the comfort foods that satisfy your hunger and keep you toasty. Foods packed in protein will do an excellent job of giving you energy that will help you stay warm. If you wake up shivering in the morning, cook up a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs on the camp stove to warm you right up. Warm beverages like hot cocoa or cider are not only tasty fall-time treats, but also heat up your hands while you’re enjoying them.

Camping in Nebraska is an activity that your family can enjoy any season of the year. Fall camping is a great way to get up close and personal with beautiful fall foliage and enjoy all of the things that make this season so special. Plan your fall camping trip in Nebraska today!