Fun and Unique Polar Bear Tank Race Theme Ideas

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The end to another frosty winter is within sight, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for the 11th Annual Polar Bear Tank Race! Join in the excitement by gathering a team of four to take part in this year’s rush down the Middle Loup River to benefit the Sandhills Journey Scenic Highway. Register today to take part in this end of winter event, as space is limited.

To add to the fun, teams can pick a unique theme from which to make team costumes, as well as decorate the team’s tank as it races down the river. If you haven’t yet come up with an awesome theme for this year’s Polar Bear Tank Race, don’t fret! Use the following ideas to help you choose a theme that embodies the spirit of you and your group.

  • Wet your whiskers – Bringing the mustache trend to the Polar Bear Tank Races is simple: each person dons a false ‘stache in the style of their choosing (the bigger and wackier, the better!), wears bowties and mustache-themed clothing, and decorates the team’s tank with enormous moustaches, sideburns and wigs! Get ready to laugh because this theme is sure to bring out everyone’s silly side!


  • Troll your competition – This colorful theme easily comes together with the help of neon-tinted troll wigs and matching attire. With each person sporting a different color, your tank will look like a rainbow racing down the river. Mini trolls, brightly-colored balloons and streamers are just the beginning of the fun items you can use to troll-ify your tank.


  • Save the day – Marvel and DC fans alike can get inspired by the protectors of justice while preparing for this year’s tank race. A cape, tights and a mask go a long way in turning you into the caped crusader or Superman, and it will be fun converting your tank into a vessel fit for the fastest, strongest superheroes.


  • “We’re kind of a big dill” – Take your love for pickles to the next level with this unique theme. All-green clothing for each team member and a banner replicating a pickle jar’s label to put on the tank will help transform your team into a container of the beloved, crunchy snacks. Not a big fan of pickles? Turn your crew into a container of jelly beans, M&Ms or Nerds (complete with pocket protectors and Coke-bottle glasses) to represent your favorite snack.


  • Tank of the undead – Scare away the competition by masquerading as a staggering zombie and decking your tank out with smears of fake blood and ‘Danger!’ warning signs. It’s cheap and easy to put this look together, with old, torn clothing being ideal. Bring along plenty of brains, caution tape and homemade severed limbs to bring your undead theme to life.


  • Pick your decade – Are you a fan of bell-bottoms and paisley shirts? Put together some 60’s outfits for your team and adorn your tank with peace signs to celebrate the decade of love. Or if the 70’s are more your thing, grab a polyester suit or anything with fringe, and don’t forget to bring a disco ball along for your tank. Whether you decide to go way back in time or put together a futuristic design, the possibilities are virtually endless.


  • Build ‘em up – Creating a Lego universe with your team is easier with the help of online tutorials on how to build a Lego costume. Most guides utilize only boxes, paint and paper bowls to construct a realistic Lego big enough to wear. Use mini-Legos, lots of glue and blue, green and red streamers to embellish your tank in keeping with the vibrant theme.


  • Live the mer-life – What better way to spend some time in the water than by transforming into a mermaid or merman for the day? A mermaid tail is a must and pretty effortless to put together at home, and seashells make a great addition to your outfit, as well as decorations to put on your tank. Turn to the sea for inspiration when putting together your team’s “under the sea” look.

All decorations must be attached while you are racing down the river in your tank. Team members must all be 21 years of age or older, and registration is $200 per person. Teams must have a minimum of four participants, and team members must all be 21 years of age or older. Registration is $200 a person and includes:

  • One racing tank per team
  • One life jacket, paddle, and Polar Bear Tank Race t-shirt for each participant
  • Two nights of accommodations (double occupancy) on March 2-3 in Thedford or Mullen
  • Welcome reception and soup cook-off
  • Breakfast before the race
  • Polar Bear Tank Race
  • Lunch following the race
  • Polar Bear Tank Race Awards Banquet – prime rib dinner
  • Team trophies for the top 3 men’s and women’s teams

Register today to take part in this unique event that is the perfect good-bye to winter! After you register, make sure to contact us for more information on staying at The Sandhills Motel, or give us a call at (308) 546-2206 to book your stay. We look forward to another action-packed Polar Bear Tank Race!