Kayak and Canoe on a Nebraska River Vacation

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Even though the state is landlocked—surrounded on its borders by South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming—Nebraska claims to have more miles of river than any other state. How many? There are approximately 12,370 miles within state lines, according to studies conducted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. 300 miles of these flowing Nebraska waters belong to the Missouri River alone, which makes up the states eastern border with South Dakota, Iowa, and Missouri.

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But the Missouri River is only the largest of these natural, flowing watercourses. There are 35+ other rivers and tributaries in the great state of Nebraska, providing both natural habitats for flora and fauna and recreational hotspots for residents and tourists of the human affiliation.

The Nebraska River Vacation

Hawaii and Florida have their sandy beaches. Colorado, Idaho, and Montana have their snowy mountain resorts for ski bunnies. However, when you’re looking to indulge in an open-air, river vacation, Nebraska is where you want to be. Outdoor sportsmen and sportswomen with a penchant for river-based gear—the kayak, the canoe, the fishing pole, etc.—will find the peace and solitude of a natural environment paired with their favorite brand of adventure, all bundled up in a thrilling Nebraska river vacation.

Nebraska Canoe Trips

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has designated a number of its rivers as prime for the Nebraska canoe adventure. The Dismal River, the Calamus River, the North Loop, and the Cedar are all centrally-located, gently flowing waterways that are ideal for families learning to conduct an un-motorized watercraft for the first time.

Nebraska Kayak Trips

The kayak allows for swifter and more agile movement while requiring the sole propelling effort of the independent rider. Nebraska kayak trips can challenge you with tumultuous rivers at certain times of year, and then become easier, more relaxing, adventures during others. Springtime Nebraska kayak excursions tend to run more dangerous than during the summer, when the consistently increasing water flow has cleared away many dangers and obstructions.

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When you’re planning your Nebraska river vacation, determine which of the two trip types—Nebraska kayak or Nebraska canoe—is right for your crew. Once this has been resolved, it’s time to pick a destination!

The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental offers both canoe and kayak watercraft rentals, as well as the opportunity to float the river in a stock tank for the most relaxing river experience. In addition, this river vacation destination is located in the beautiful Sandhills region of central Nebraska, right along the Dismal and Middle Loup Rivers—perfect waterways for kayaks and canoes. Find out more…

Your vacation planning is complete with the Sandhills Motel. Ride the river by day, and enjoy the comforts of idyllic Nebraska lodging by night. You can rent a room or pull up an RV—amenities abound! When you’re not taking advantage of the beautiful Nebraska riverside, take a dip in the pool or head out to spot some wildlife—the Sandhills have some of the best bird watching around!