Natural Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay

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Natural Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay

Nothing spoils a fun summer camping trip like your campsite being overrun with bugs, but the thought of spraying you and your family with toxic chemicals may be just as unappealing. Rest assured that there are many remedies out there that will repel insects without the risk of contact with dangerous solutions. Utilize the following camping tips so you can enjoy a pest-free outdoor adventure this summer!

Choose your campsite wisely

Simply ensuring that the place that you choose to set up camp isn’t a breeding ground for insects is an important step in keeping your excursion as pest-free as possible. Mosquitoes and other bugs love water, so choose a site as far from standing water as possible. Another good practice in choosing a spot is to find an area that receives a lot of sun, and isn’t enveloped completely in the shade. Sunny spots will dry out faster in case you receive rain during your stay, guarding against the dampness that insects thrive in.

Dress Smart

Being mindful of your clothing choices is another easy way to help you keep your trip nuisance-free. Light-colored clothes not only help you stay cooler in the heat, but they also attract fewer insects than dark-colored clothing. Wearing loose fitting long-sleeved shirts and pants will keep more of your skin covered to also prevent bug bites. Clothes in fabrics that are made to naturally repel insects are also on the market, and are both functional and stylish.

Build a Fire

What camping trip is complete without a good, roaring campfire? In addition to roasting your marshmallows and creating the setting for spooky stories, campfires are also effective in repelling mosquitoes and other insects. The smoke from a campfire is so helpful in driving away bugs that some sources advise “smoking” your clothing by placing them downwind of your campfire.

Burning sage also helps keep mosquitoes away, and has the added bonus of being a pleasant aroma to be around. Another huge plus of burning sage on your camping trip is that it also repels ticks, which transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses.

Make Use of Natural Solutions

There are plenty of things that appear in nature that ward off a variety of insects, while at the same time being pleasing to humans. Citronella oil and candles can be purchases at most grocery stores and assist in keeping bugs from your campsite. Peppermint, tea tree and lavender essential oils are all scents that repulse bugs, yet are also non-toxic, relatively cheap and widely available. Dot these essential oils on your skin to ward off insects and reduce the chance of bug bites. Cinnamon, something that most people have in their kitchen cabinets, is also a natural deterrent that can be sprinkled around your campsite.

Those are just some natural insect repellant solutions you can make use of to maintain a campsite that is as bug-free as possible. Plan your next outdoor excursion at The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental, where you can escape insects all together by staying in our motel or stay at one of our camp sites that are only $7.00 per person. We’re here to help you make the most out of your summer and make those lasting family memories!