What You Need to Know About Kayaking and Canoeing

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What You Need to Know About Kayaking and Canoeing

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful way to spend the afternoon or are seeking some thrills, a kayaking or canoeing trip is sure to satisfy. Many people enjoy the benefits of partaking in the sports, with about 23 million Americans hitting the water in a canoe or kayak each year. But for those that have not yet experienced an adventure in one of these watercrafts, the thought of hopping in one and zooming through the water may seem a bit intimidating. We’re here to let you know the ins and outs of both canoeing and kayaking so you can find the right fit for you and start planning your river expedition.

What are the differences between a kayak and a canoe?

There are a few key differences between these water vessels that allow for a different experience depending on the one you choose. Kayaks seat one to two people and typically contain enclosed seating areas; however, the kayaks that we rent here at The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental are recreational kayaks and do not contain the enclosure.  Kayak paddles have blades on each end, allowing for more efficient paddling.

Canoes, on the other hand, have the ability to carry more than two people, as well as the room to haul pets, a picnic lunch, more gear and any other necessities you need for your adventure. Canoes do not feature enclosed seating areas, so preventing water from splashing into the boat is necessary to keep dry. This lack of enclosure also allows for an option of seating positions, which can lend for a more comfortable ride, especially on longer river journeys. Canoe paddles only contain one blade, which equates to more effort needed in order propel the boat through the water than is required for a kayak.

What are the benefits of going kayaking and canoeing?

These sports not only provide a fun way to spend time outdoors with friends and family, but they also offer many other physical and mental benefits.

In observing those paddling in a kayak or canoe, one would think that only the arms are receiving a workout, but the motions needed to propel the watercrafts also work the core and legs, as well as provide a great cardiovascular workout. Moving at 3-5 miles per hour in one of these vessels will burn an astonishing 400 calories an hour! They also provide a low-impact workout, making them great for those seeking exercise that won’t cause stress to joints.

The workout that kayaking and canoeing provide releases endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller,  but that is just one way that these sports can benefit you mentally, physiologically and psychologically. The surge of endorphins released will also reduce stress and depression. Simply being on the water and taking in the beauty of nature is calming and can help in lowering your stress levels. Taking part in kayak and canoe rides is always a great way to socialize, and can provide a healthy way to bond with your pals.

Which is easier – kayaking or canoeing?

 While there are components of kayaking and canoeing that can make riding one more difficult in a particular body of water than the other, they are, for the most part, the same level of difficulty. However, the water in which you make your expedition is what can make your journey more mellow, or cause an invigorating day full of technical maneuvers.

Since acknowledging and staying within your ability level is vital in choosing a canoeing or kayaking adventure that will suit you, the experienced staff at The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental will help you choose the route that will allow you to acquire either the relaxation or thrills you crave while ensuring you have the skill necessary to navigate that particular body of water. The Middle Loup River is ideal for those looking for an easy-going ride aboard a canoe, kayak, or stock tank, while the Dismal River is great for those that are comfortable with a more exhilarating trip.

So, the next time you’re looking for fun, exciting things to do in Nebraska for your next vacation, visit us at The Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental! We offer affordable kayak and canoe rentals for your next river adventure!