The Sandhills Motel

Room Rates as of May 1, 2020

Single Room: one queen bed
$65 + tax

Double Room: two queen beds
$75 + tax

Double Room: two full beds
$75 + tax

Weekends and holidays from May 1 – Sept. 30:
$10.00 extra per room

There is an extra charge of $5 per person for double rooms accommodating more than two people.

There is no charge for children.

1 night: $40+ tax
1 week: $120 + tax
1 month: $350  30 amp

1 month $425.00 50 amp

Camping sites:
$10 per person
Camping sites are limited and require advanced reservations.

River Adventures
All river adventure trips include shuttle to and from the river, equipment and lifejackets.

Dismal River:
Canoe: $60
Single kayak: $50
$150 minimum charge required for Dismal River trip

Middle Loup River:

Three-hour trip:
Canoe: $40
Single Kayak: $30
Six-hour trip:
Canoe: $50
Single Kayak: $40

Two hour and five to six hour trips:
Adults: $25
Children 12 and younger: $10
Children 6 and younger: free if they have their own life jacket

Grassland Dance viewing
$40 per person per viewing + lodging at the Sandhills Motel, if desired.
Early bookings will be accommodated March 15 – April 31.

All bookings must be made and deposits received in advance. Short notice booking will be accommodated based on availability.
Private viewings are available by reservation.
All viewings are dependent on weather conditions and circumstances beyond our control.


CONTACT US for more information about our current rates or call to make a reservation: (308) 546-2206