The Best in Nebraska Fishing: We’re in the Heart of Fish Country

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Aquatic Adventures in Nebraska

So, you want to go fishing in Nebraska. Hold on a minute- I have a quick question. What’s the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet? You’ve probably got specific images popping up in your head as you read that question: a Costa Rican rainforest, lush with greenery; or perhaps a steamy African jungle. And of course, you couldn’t be blamed for the assumption. But the most diverse land on earth is actually the Great Plains.

Wait, what?

Oh yes, indeed. Taking into account all the mammals, birds, fish, insects, and microorganisms in the soil, the Great Plains abound with a variety of life hardly matched across the globe. This fact is actually a major part of why farming works so well in the Midwest, including Nebraska.

By experience, we know that the Great Plains, through both nature and engineering, offers some of the best game fishing on the planet. If you’re considering fishing in Nebraska, you’ll want to strongly consider the Sandhills region. It’s a hotbed of bioactivity, located in the sweet spot of the main North American migratory corridor. Famous, of course, for the Sandhill Crane migration, it’s also along the way of many other species’ journeys. Birds choose this area for a reason- there’s a plethora of nesting and feeding sites; and when you’re halfway through a trip from Canada to the Equator, you preferably want a motel and buffet.

But why is this important? Simply because healthy ecosystems deliver amazing outdoor adventures for us humans. Camping in Nebraska couldn’t be an easier choice- a vibrant food chain means more bugs, more fish, and more birds. To take advantage of this bountiful cycle, all you need is a vehicle, a place to sleep, fishing poles, gear… and, of course, a Nebraska fishing license.

Located in Mullen, Nebraska, Sandhills Motel is at the center of the Nebraska Fishing experience. Take your pick- want to cast your line into the Dismal, South-Middle-North Loup, Niobrara, North-South Platte Rivers; or perhaps Merrit Reservoir or Lake McConaughy? All offer spectacular, unspoiled fishing experiences and peaceful, verdant scenery.

Another plus to camping in Nebraska- or fishing –is that many campgrounds and fishing areas aren’t as crowded as in other states. This is by no means a negative reflection on the area; it just means word hasn’t gotten out yet. And trust me, it’s getting out. Both traditional and fly-fishers are making more and more trips annually to Nebraska, and especially the western part of the state.

In addition to camping and fishing, Nebraska offers some of the best biking, kayaking, hiking, birding, and hunting adventures on the continent. Whether you’re a lifelong explorer, or have been cooped up in the urban jungle for too long and need to reconnect, Sandhills Motel offers peace and sanctuary in the heart of a vibrant Great Plains ecosystem.

Ask anyone who’s been here- sometimes, all you need is the sky above you, the fresh air around you, and the grass and water below you.