Tips for Stress-Free Camping with Dogs

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Tips for Stress-Free Camping with Dogs

Forget the hassle of finding a pet-sitter or expensive kennel service to look after your four-legged friend while you enjoy your next outdoor getaway, and enhance your camping trip with your furry buddy’s presence.  With the following camping tips, you can take the steps needed to ensure your next outdoor excursion with Fido goes smoothly and you’re both able to enjoy your time off the grid in peace.

Pay a visit to the vet

A check-up before you head out will help spot any issues that may become exacerbated when your dog is in different conditions than they are used to. During the visit, make sure your pet’s flea and tick medications, as well as their microchip, are up to date. Ask your vet for preventative medicines for fleas, ticks and heartworms if you don’t yet have any.

Have a plan for dangerous situations

Prepare your pet for the very different atmosphere they’re going to be in by teaching them commands that can be used if you come across danger, such as a rattlesnake. Also, get them used to being secured by a tether and stake before you go so that they are more comfortable with the situation when you need to keep them from wandering away from the campsite.

Pack your pet’s necessities

 What could be worse than getting to your campsite and realizing that you left one of your pet’s vital items at home? Prevent that from happening by using the following checklist to make sure you include everything you’ll need to keep your pet taken care of throughout your expedition:

  • Directions to the nearest animal hospital from your campsite
  • Food and water bowls – collapsible options are available to save room
  • ID tags and license
  • Leash
  • Papers verifying current vaccinations
  • Pet-friendly bug repellent
  • Plenty of fresh food and water
  • Tether and stake to keep your dog secure when needed
  • Towels and blankets exclusively for their use
  • Toys
  • Waste disposal bags

Put together a customized first aid kit

Another necessity for your camping trip, a first aid kit with items specific to dogs, is a must in preventing and caring for injuries that may occur. The following are vital for any well-stocked first aid kit:

  • A bandana to use as a makeshift muzzle
  • Protective covering for injured paws – toddler socks work great and are inexpensive
  • Extra blankets
  • Preventative medicines for heartworms, fleas and ticks
  • Tweezers and mineral oil to remove ticks

Pick a Pet-Friendly Campsite

Before you leave on your big journey, check with the campground that you are planning on staying at to ensure pets are allowed. Also, when you are picking which camp site to set up at, select one that has plenty of shade so you dog can find relief from heat.

Traveling with dogs can sometimes be stressful, but with a little preparation, you can make it a relaxing, refreshing getaway for all involved. During your next Nebraska camping expedition, stay with us at The Sandhills Motel, a pet friendly property!