Camping hacks for all of your camping meals

Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Camping hacks for all of your camping meals

Cooking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a campfire is one of the many perks of taking a camping trip. Whether you’re camping in a tent, RV or cabin, campfires are an important part of nighttime enjoyment and warmth, and being able to make some yummy meals and snacks only make it better. Here are a few camping hacks for your next campfire meal, as well as food storage tips to make your camping trip a little easier.

Get creative with storage
There is a lot to pack when you go camping, especially when preparing camping meals. So get creative when packing the ingredients for your food. Store spices in old Tic Tac boxes or pill organizers. You can take just enough with you for camping meals but they won’t take up much room. Want to take coffee with you but don’t want to deal with packing the bulky bag and filters? Portion out some coffee into the filters and tie them with dental floss, then place them in boiling water when you’re ready for a hot cup of joe. Planning on making eggs for one of your camping meals? You can either put eggs in those nifty hard shell egg holders, or pre-scramble them by putting your eggs into an empty plastic water bottle. Each bottle will hold eight eggs.

Utilize orange peels to bake favorite camping meals
Orange peels can be very useful when used for camping meals. Cut an orange in half and make sure you keep the peel intact as you scoop the insides out. Put one prepackaged cinnamon roll inside each orange peel half and set them inside a cast iron skillet, wrap it in foil, and cook them over the fire until done. You can also use them to bake muffins in a similar fashion.

Put a twist on s’mores
S’mores are camping meals staples, but they can be messy. Try a neater version with this camping hack: pack all of your s’mores ingredients into a waffle ice cream cone, wrap the cone in foil, and put them on a grate over the fire. Let them cook for a few minutes then enjoy! You can always make them in a banana as well by stuffing the ingredients into a banana peel and wrapping it in foil. Another great twist on the classic s’mores is twist open an Oreo and put in melted chocolate and a roasted marshmallow.

Make a long-lasting candle out of a citrus peel
Take the peel of half of an orange, lemon, or grapefruit, and ensure that the center core-like stem is still intact. Pour kitchen oil (vegetable, olive, etc.) into the orange just below the top of the stem. Light the stem. The oil will burn for hours and you’ll have the added benefit of the good smell. This is one of our favorite camping hacks for campfires.

Camping hacks like these will save you a lot of time in the long run when planning your camping meals. We can’t wait to see you out this summer for all of your camping and floating trips!