Why Fall Camping in the Nebraska Sandhills is Fantastic

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Fall Camping in NebraskaAs the hot days of summer turn to the cooler days of fall, camping and the way we camp, changes pretty dramatically.  Mornings are chilly, the days are moderate and perfect for hiking.  Warm comfort food from a dutch oven refuels us with a renewed sense of vigor and warmth.  These things combine to make fall camping in Nebraska a must for any outdoors enthusiast.  Not only are the Nebraska Sandhills beautiful during the summer, they’re equally beautiful during the fall.  Not convinced?  We’ve got several reasons why fall camping in Nebraska to stay in camping mode well into the fall.

The Scenery

Ah, fall.  The colors start changing to create a beautiful collage of deep shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown.  In almost all areas of the country, these stunning colors take over the foliage during the fall season.  The Nebraska Sandhills are no exception, which makes it a picturesque time to go camping.  While the lush green of summer camping is always a pleasant view, there’s nothing quite like waking up to a palate of colored leaves on a chilly morning during a fall camping trip in Nebraska.

The Weather

Watch a sun rise as your warm coffee or cocoa quietly seeps steam in to the crisp morning air.  The smell of bacon and eggs teasing your stomach in anticipation for the day’s events.  Through tired eyes you watch the sun crest in the east as you clutch your warm mug, steam rising into the fresh morning air. With the right clothes and gear, these temperatures make fall camping in Nebraska more comfortable than in the summer heat.

Less Bugs

Summer brings a lot of fun.  Good weather, warm nights, great memories with friends and families, and bugs.  One of the benefits of fall camping in Nebraska is that the bugs aren’t nearly as plentiful.  However, the chilly fall temperatures chase the usual overflow of bugs to a warmer climate. This is good for wooded campsites, which are often flooded with mosquitos and nagging insects.  Cooler temperatures means less bugs, which means less bug spray and a more comfortable Nebraska Sandhills experience.  Just remember to keep bug spray packed, just in case.

Fall Camping Food

Cool weather makes comfort food a campsite staple. Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens will become your best friend during the chilly mornings and nights.  Many of these recipes are good comfort foods that are high in protein, which means you’re body will be fueled up for a full day of adventure during your fall camping trip in the Nebraska Sandhills.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sharing a small sleeping space in a hot tent during the summer can make your camping trip unbearable. During the fall, however, sleeping is more comfortable during the cool fall nights. Snuggle up with your little ones or significant other for a long, restful sleep under the stars and breathe in the cool autumn Nebraska Sandhills air.

Different Activities

The fall season is full of an array of different camping activities.  While fall used to be a time to slow down from the summer events, many people are finding fall events that are just as fun as summer events.   When you go fall camping in Nebraska, keep an eye out for events like:

  • Apple picking
  • Pumpkin picking and carving
  • Local harvest festivals like Oktoberfest
  • Halloween events
  • Fall fishing derbies

Fewer Crowds

One of the unexpected pleasures of going camping is meeting new people.  However, busy campgrounds can be a bit overwhelming.  Additionally, one of the best parts about camping is the quiet seclusion you experience when you go.  People are less inclined to go fall camping during the school year.  This means that you can enjoy having fewer neighbors and less crowded hiking trails during your fall camping trip in Nebraska.

Fall camping in Nebraska is a fun and relaxing vacation for you and your family.  The Nebraska Sandhills are home to some of the most scenic views you’ll find, and fall camping in Nebraska is an experience you won’t forget.  The Sandhills Motel & Glidden Canoe Rental offers your perfect escape to go fall camping in Nebraska.  Give us a call at (308) 546-2206 or contact us here. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, and we hope to see you soon!