Five Tips for Fall Camping with Kids

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Five Tips for Fall Camping with Kids

When it comes to your family vacation bucket list, camping in Nebraska during the cool fall weather is a MUST. The fires always seem a little bit cozier and the relaxing feeling of warming up in the morning with some hot chocolate or coffee is incomparable. While fall camping in Nebraska may require a little more planning for even the most skilled adventurists, nothing quite compares to preparing for the greatest outdoor adventure of all – camping with kids. Use these helpful tips to plan the perfect family get away.

1. Plan activities for your campsite. Planning some type of game or activity provides the perfect entertainment for your child, without the hassle of leaving your camp area. It doesn’t need to be some wild adventure that you found on the internet somewhere; instead, you could simply pack bubbles, a pair of binoculars, or even come up with a simple nature scavenger hunt. The main focus is getting your child to stay away from electronics and just enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.

2. Invest in quality gear. Sure, the Frozen themed sleeping bags sound like an adorable idea when choosing what camping gear to bring on your trip, but it isn’t the most practical choice for camping with kids in fall weather. It is a good idea to make sure you invest in quality sleeping bags, jackets, tents, and other gear that is meant to keep you warm during the chilly temperatures. By keeping your toddler warm and cozy throughout the trip, you can avoid a meltdown, or even bringing home a sick child.

3. Make it educational. Never miss out on an opportunity to teach your child valuable life skills. Teach them simple things such as fire safety. If they haven’t already learned about fire safety in school or daycare, go over the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique as well as the proper way to put out a fire. It is also a good opportunity to teach them about the beautiful nature and wildlife in the area. Consider bringing some type of birdwatching book or track identification book so your child can learn hands-on. Educating your child during a family camping trip could turn into a fun bonding hobby as he or she grows older.

4. Pack food that your child enjoys. Every parent knows that a hungry child is not a happy child. Make sure that you pack lots of foods that your picky eater will have no problem eating. You can’t go wrong with yummy fruit snacks or granola bars! Save yourself from a potential tantrum by packing a large variety of easy, age-appropriate food.

5. Check and double-double check. Forgetting something that seems like a small item to you may be catastrophic to your small child. If you didn’t pack their favorite stuffed animal, you may find it difficult putting them to bed without their familiar cuddle buddy. It is important to remember to pack everything you can possibly think of, even down to something as simple as extra batteries for your “lightsaber” flashlights. Double checking all of your camping trip essentials will ensure that you and your family will have an optimal experience and create moments that your children will remember for years to come.

Camping with kids truly can be a wonderful adventure. With these five helpful tips, you and your family are sure to have an unforgettable trip while camping in Nebraska during the fall season.