Five Travel Essentials for Your Adventure

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For some of us, the urge, or absolute need, to travel and seek out adventures is so incredibly strong that we simply cannot function or focus when our minds get set on the idea of our next destination. We become consumed by it – the research and planning, the time spent on Pinterest looking at photos from previous travelers, the budgeting, it all becomes a full time job! Which often interferes with our actual full time jobs, and so we begin daydreaming about ways to quit our jobs, and just get paid to travel.

Anyway, back to planning. While it may be tempting to take the carefree route and not do much in the way of preparations for your adventure, there are a few essential items that make the journey a whole lot easier. So, in no particular order, are five travel essentials (excluding hygiene items, that’s another blog for another day).

  1. First on the list, and most importantly, is a super sturdy daypack. Lightweight yet rugged, and full of carrying capacity, this pack is arguably the most important article on this list, as it will carry all of your other essentials. One that is hydration-ready, has a built-in rain fly and has the space to safely carry camera equipment is recommended for maximum convenience. Get one like the one pictured below, which has enough compression straps to carry a tripod, as well as backcountry skis if needed.

  1. Speaking of camera equipment, coming in at essential number two is, of course, something you can capture your memories on. Many times, the places we travel will only be a once-in-our-lifetime excursion, as we can’t go see ALL the places if we keep going back to places we’ve already been. It’s sad, but time is the big factor at play here; there’s simply not enough. And so it becomes absolutely necessary to take as many photos as we can of our adventures. As we get older and the mind and memory start to falter, photos might be the only proof we have that we lived an amazing life.


You don’t need anything too fancy, just a solid mid-range DSLR, lightweight, with a couple prime lenses for various scenarios and a wide angle lens for       landscapes, such as the one below, a Nikon D3300. Make sure to pack a tripod and battery charger! Simple, small, essential.

  1. Next up is a travel journal, which helps you capture memories a camera couldn’t. Make sure to get one that is durable and waterproof so it can withstand your journey. Inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time, and with this in your pack, you have the canvas you’ll need to capture it! Never, ever travel without one.

  1. The Leatherman tool. Do we even need to get into the brilliance of this thing? I’m sure you have three of these in your garage, begging to be put in a backpack and taken on adventures. This handy little life saver makes it so that you can leave 37 other items back home. What a creation! Shave, build a cabin, and even carve out perfectly square sized bites of fresh fruit with this masterful piece of gadgetry. Be smart, travel with a Leatherman.

  1. Hydration, one of the most essential elements of our existence, is last on the list but it certainly is not least. The importance of hydration when you’re out on any type of adventure cannot be stressed enough. Whether its backwoods backpacking or urban day tripping, keeping yourself hydrated will ensure you make it safely back to your home base. A solid hydro-flask should be a part of any adventure gear setup, so go to your nearest outdoor store, or Wal-Mart, and get one before you head out on that next retreat.

There you have it adventure fans, a list of the five travel essentials for going basically anywhere your heart desires. And if your heart desires a Nebraska adventure, there are plenty to be had near the Sandhills Motel! As a matter of fact, we’re your number one stop in Mullen for bird-watching, river adventures and lodging. Hope to see you soon!