Fun Facts About Nebraska

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Fun Facts About Nebraska

Whether you make an annual family trip or are planning on visiting Nebraska for the very first time, you may not know some of the fascinating facts and history about our great state. For instance, did you know that Nebraska used to called the “Tree Planter’s State” before it was renamed the “Cornhusker State”? Read on to learn more about the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills and beyond!

Pioneers of Nebraska

There have been many inventions and discoveries made right here in Nebraska that have changed the lives of those all over the world, including:

  • The biggest mammoth fossils ever discovered were found in Lincoln County.
  • Charles Lindberg, the first person who flew nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean, learned to fly in Lincoln, NE.
  • The 911 emergency system was created and first used in Lincoln.
  • Kool-Aid was invented in 1927 by Edwin Perkins in Hastings, NE, and it has since become the official soft drink of Nebraska. Each year, Hastings celebrates the beverage during the second weekend of August with “Kool-Aid Days”, which contains festivities for all ages.
  • The strobe light was invented by Dr. Harold Edgerton of Aurora, NE.

The Great Outdoors of Nebraska

Our beautiful state is home to many extraordinary natural occurrences, such as:

  • The largest grass-covered sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere, which cover about ¼ of Nebraska. The only areas in the world that have bigger areas of sand are the Sahara and Arabian deserts.
  • The Niobrara River is one of the top canoeing rivers in the country and contains more than 90 waterfalls.
  • Nebraska has more underground water than any other state. This is due to the High Plains Aquifer being located beneath Nebraska, consisting of a layer of rocks and other materials that are filled with water.
  • Halsey National Forest, located near Thedford, NE, is the world’s largest hand-planted forest.
  • Four historical trails cross Nebraska: the Oregon Trail, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Mormon Trail and the Pony Express.
  • European settlers dubbed Nebraska the “Great American Desert”, however, it is one of the top farming areas in the world.

Famous People from Nebraska

From sports stars to legends of the silver screen, Nebraska has been home to those known all around the world, including:

  • Fred Astaire, from Omaha, NE
  • Marlon Brando, from Omaha, NE
  • Puppeteer Bil Baird, from Grand Island, NE
  • James Coburn, from Laurel, NE
  • Gerald Ford, from Omaha, NE
  • The voice behind Kellogg Frosted Flakes for over 35 years, Thurl Ravenscroft, is from Norfolk.
  • Grover Cleveland Alexander, from Saint Paul, NE
  • Nick Nolte, from Omaha, NE

Wacky Facts

Like every other U.S. state, Nebraska has its share of unusual places, customs and laws, such as:

  • It’s illegal to go whale fishing in Nebraska. We hope that doesn’t change too many summer plans!
  • The Reuben sandwich was invented in Nebraska.
  • In Nebraska, it is illegal for a mother to perm her daughter’s hair without a state license.
  • Sneezing or burping during a church service is illegal in Omaha.
  • Chevyland USA, located near Elm Creek, NE, is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to a single line of cars.
  • Although Nebraska is nowhere near an ocean, there is a lighthouse located along the road in Ashland.
  • In Nebraska, it is illegal for owners of a bar to sell beer unless they are also simultaneously brewing soup.

Nebraska: Home to Big Things

As the 16th largest state in the U.S., Nebraska has plenty of room for some large endeavors, including:

  • The largest jewelry store in the nation, Borsheims, is located in Omaha.
  • The biggest collection of elephant skeletons in the world is housed at Elephant Hall in Lincoln.
  • Hastings is home to the largest U.S. ammunition plant, which produced about 40% of WWII’s ammunition.

We hope these fun Nebraska facts have inspired you for your summer vacation! While you’re here, enjoy the convenience of being centrally located to tons of outdoor recreation, entertainment, and Nebraska history by staying here at the Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rental. We’re proud to be locally owned and located in Nebraska, and can’t wait to share with you the beauty of our state!