Gift ideas for the camping fans

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Whether you’re buying for Christmas or for a birthday throughout the year, everyone has that hard to buy for person on their list. If you’re a city dweller and have an outdoorsy, camping fiend in your life, the wide world of camping supplies can seem a bit overwhelming. So here are a few gift ideas that are good not only for Christmas, but for any time and any event of the year. Gift giving on a Tuesday was never easier than it is now.

Coffee Mugs
A good, durable, and well insulated mug are camping fans’ best friend. Whether it’s a Yeti or another brand, a travel mug that is insulated really well and is durable enough for a hike of every caliber is a great gift idea. In addition, why not get them a fun mug for sitting around the campfire in the morning or at night; something that yells Happy Camper is perfect for relaxing by those flickering flames and basking in the beauty of the Nebraska Sandhills.

Nesting Bowls
Every good camper is always on the lookout for a good set of camping dishes, whether it’s for a tent or RV. Finding good dishes to use while camping is difficult, so a good set of plastic nesting bowls are an immense help as they are durable and compact as well, making it easier for them to fit the set into limited space.

Portable Table
People who are dedicated to camping will likely find a place that does not have a table. Even if they do find a camping spot with a table, having an extra one for activities or eating never hurts. A portable table is a perfect gift to get the camper in your life to help make their camping trip go smoother.

Getting the outdoorsy person in your life a hammock is one of the more perfect gift ideas we can think of. Nothing screams perfect more than stringing up a hammock alongside the river and relaxing with a good book and an ice cold beverage. The camping fiend in your life with thank you for this perfect relaxation tool.

Wireless Speakers
This goes perfect with the hammock gift idea. Turn on some tunes and you’ve got the perfect mood for a relaxing afternoon at the campsite. Just be sure to not turn it up too loud so as not to disturb the peaceful sounds of nature.

Need some more great camping gift ideas? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call and we can help you out!