Ice Fishing Tips

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Ice Fishing Tips

Nebraska winters are cold and snowy, but that doesn’t stop the fish from biting! Out of all the great places to visit in Nebraska, a river or lake during the winter months needs to be at the top of your list. When the cold weather seals the water, the challenge of catching fish does not change; but, with these ice fishing tips you are sure to reel in a keeper!

Ice Safety. This is one of the most dangerous types of fishing, so it is important to follow all safety precautions to ensure that you will make it home safe and warm. The recommended thickness for walking on frozen water is 4 inches. Ensure that you take extra safety measures by always keeping a charged cell phone and update friends or family where you’re fishing and when they can expect you back. Always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for ice rot during warmer temperatures. Find the Nebraska ice map here:

Hypothermia Safety. You may assume that most ice fishing related deaths are due to drowning, but they are actually due to hypothermia. Make certain that you have done research on what to do if you or a fellow fishermen fall into icy cold water. Again, always ensure that you have a fully-charged cell phone in case of emergencies and keep a spare set of winter clothes with you.

Know the depth. Typically, fish will generally stay at a specific depth during the cold winter months. This makes it much easier to find fish, if you have done your research. Make certain that you are educated on what depth the species of fish you are trying to catch stay at.

Stay Moving. Moving around while you’re fishing is the key to a successful day. When fishing in a boat, you typically tend to move around when you are not getting a bite. Thanks to more advanced ice fishing technology, it is much easier to pick up and your ice fishing gear.

Have patience. During the colder months, fish don’t have as much energy. If you move your bait around too much or jig too fast, a fish might let it go to save energy. This can be a big problem that unexperienced fishermen face. Avoid this problem by having patience and keeping the movements deliberate.

Fish during prime times. Of all the ice fishing tips out there, fishing during the prime times is the most common. Many fish species’ energy peaks during the early morning and late in the afternoon. Take advantage of these times to have a more successful fishing trip. On the upside, this will give you a better chance to catch your daily limit early so you can spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Cover the hole. If you are fishing in a more shallow area without an ice fishing hut, keep ice shavings in the hole to prevent light from hitting the surface of the water. This will help keep fish from avoiding the area where you are fishing.

Chum the hole. Chumming the ice fishing hole can sometimes bring more fish to the area. Although fish conserve their energy during the winter, they can still be easily attracted by food. Try to attract a lot of fish by grinding up minnows or dropping in wax worms.

By utilizing these ice fishing tips, you are sure to catch some keepers! The Sandhills of Nebraska is one of the greatest places to visit in Nebraska during the winter months. There are many winter activities such as camping or ice fishing. By following our ice fishing tips, you’re sure to have an ice fishing adventure you’ll remember for ages. The Sandhills Motel & Glidden Canoe Rental offers your perfect escape to enjoy the Sandhills of Nebraska for your winter hunting and fishing trips. Give us a call at (308) 546-2206 or contact us online. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, and we hope to see you soon!