Scenic Nebraska Drives

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The summer months are winding down and we are starting to see a change of seasons. Days are becoming shorter, temperatures are dropping, and colors are starting to change. Surely everyone enjoys the heat and long days that come with the summer months but there is just something so refreshing about the fall. There is crispness in the air that makes us all remember why we love the Midwest. The wonderful changing of seasons. Take some time this fall to go explore and find yourself in the beautiful autumn landscape.

Below we have made a list of some the most beautiful scenic drives in Nebraska. Read through this list and find a route near you to go explore and take in all nature has to offer during this time. There is nothing like a nice, long drive on a Sunday to clear your mind and fill your soul. Turn on some music, grab some company and go take in some of Nebraska’s best views.

1. Hwy 385 – Gold Rush Scenic Byway
This beautiful stretch of road used to be the main transport path for gold during the gold rush. It is rumored that somewhere around $200,000 dollars worth of gold traveled this route daily in its peak. This historic route connects Sidney with Bridgeport, Alliance and Chadron. There are plenty of places to stop along the way and enjoy a cold beer, great food, and plenty of entertainment options.

2. Bridges to Buttes Scenic Byway
Looking to catch views from rolling hills to the wonders of the western Nebraska Prairie? Bridges and Buttes is the route for you. Starting in Valentine and running as far as the Wyoming border this stretch of road offers diverse opportunities for fun. Take a stop at Toadstool Geological Park for a mars like experience that is truly out of this world. The rock formations will truly show you the power Mother Nature has.

3. Loup Rivers Scenic Byway
Loup Rivers has a little bit of everything for those looking to explore new sights. Drive along the scenic Calamus Reservoir to start your adventure out with breath taking landscape. After that, take a stop at the Valley County Museum to get some history on American aviation and how women paved the way in the 1930’s. Once you have gotten your dose of history for the day, take a walk through Happy Jack Peak and Chalk Mine. These caves offer over 6,000 square feet of honeycomb caves to explore.

4. Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway
The diversity of the landscape you will find on this drive is unmatched by any other in Nebraska. One moment you will be driving through rustic sand dunes and out of nowhere will see the Nebraska National Forest on the horizon. Make this a two day trip and take a night to relax with us at the Sandhills Motel in Mullen, NE. There are many small, unique towns to stop along this route that offer fun entertainment, great eats, and cold brews.

These are just a few of the gorgeous, scenic drive options Nebraska has to offer. A full list of scenic drives can be found here. Due to COVID – 19 many have been forced to stay inside and socially distance. One way to get out of the house and have some socially distanced fun is to go out and explore nature safely. So why not go take a scenic drive and explore what this beautiful state has to offer?