Tanking: Nebraska’s Favorite Pastime

Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Tanking: Nebraska’s Favorite Pastime

If you’re researching things to do on your vacation to the Nebraska Sandhills, chances are you might have come across some websites about tanking for short. Never heard of tanking? Don’t worry, most people outside of the Midwest haven’t. However, tanking is a fun pastime that the whole family can enjoy.

Tanking is a pastime that started in the Nebraska Sandhills. Over the years, and through the many Nebraska streams, was carried throughout the rest of the state and, eventually throughout the Midwest. In fact, according to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Nebraska has approximately 24,000 miles of flowing rivers and streams and about 430 square miles of lakes and carried on throughout the state on the many shallow and slow-flowing streams. With all of the water in Nebraska, it’s easy to understand why we love spending so much time tanking. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with family, take in the scenery, and enjoy the local wildlife.

What is it exactly? Well, tanking is fairly simple. People take plastic or metal livestock tanks (used for feeding or watering the livestock), fit them with comfortable seating, and float them down the river. The livestock tanks typically hold about four to eight people, depending on the size of the tank, the kind of seating you’re using, and the amount of gear you’ve packed. Instead of buying a boat and keeping it at a lake, river tanking provides a cheap alternative that let’s your friends and family explore regions where boats are prohibited.

In addition to being cheaper, river tanking also provides some other benefits. First of all, the tanks are easier to get in and out of than a typical canoe. Unlike a canoe, you won’t have to worry about a tank tipping over in the water. Because the tanks don’t tip over, tanking is generally safer than regular canoeing. Of course, you still want to make sure you and those in your group wear life jackets and take safety precautions on your tanking adventure. Another fun aspect of river tanking is that your group can eat lunch and play board games while floating down the rivers and streams of the Nebraska Sandhills.

River tanking is nothing new to Nebraska natives. In fact, if we could, we’d do it all year long. So whether the Nebraska Sandhills are your final destination, or just a waypoint on your vacation, be sure to stop by the Sandhills Motel and get some river tanking fun.