Visit our Family Friendly Campsite: Tips for Camping with Kids

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Going on a camping trip with your children is a great opportunity for your family to spend some quality time together without the everyday life stress that can occur.  We have a great, family friendly campsite located west of Mullen, Nebraska. Here are some tips for camping with kids:

Get the Kids Involved

A great tip for camping with kids is to let the kids be part of some of the decision making regarding activities, food, and sights. Build their excitement and anticipation. Get the maps out and talk about where you would like to go, and let the older kids be in charge of their own packing (make sure to supervise it so essential items don’t get left behind). Once arriving to the campsite, have everyone help out with pitching the tents or getting the camper situated. Our family friendly campsite has beautifully located, designated areas for RV’s and tents.

Fun Gear

Your children will love playing with headlamps, flashlights, and glow sticks after dark. They will make walking around at night safer, and provide light for reading or playing games in the tent. Putting glow stick bracelets and necklaces on your younger ones makes it easier for you to keep track of them when darkness falls.

Easy Meals

Campfire cooking is a great activity to involve your kids in and it requires minimal work if you’re properly prepared. Hot dogs, burgers, and s’mores are easy and effortless to make. Prepare for your trip by chopping vegetables, mixing pancake batter, and make meat marinades and store in glass jars or Tupperware containers. Store the items in a cooler and they will be good for almost a week! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different foods to grill – pineapple, peaches, and plums all taste great to grill. Bring long grilling forks so older kids can take part in the grilling.

Safety First

Statistically, kids are not more likely to get injured while camping than they are at home, but it is never wrong to be precautious. Pack a first aid kit along with any medications you or your family may need. Walk around the campsite together to get familiar with the area and establish strict ground rules and safety boundaries. Point out landmarks that are easily recognizable and instruct your children what to do if they get lost. Point out dangerous plants such as poison ivy and explain to your kids that they are not allowed to feed or touch wild animals. Also make sure to inspect your children for ticks and bug bites several times a day. Insect repellant and sunscreens are a must to pack!

Boredom Busters

In today’s world, where iPads, Videogames, and cellphones seem to be part of the necessities needed to survive, kids might claim that they are bored on your camping trip. Remind them that camping is an excellent way of discovering nature and encourage them to join in games such as tag, soccer, and catch. You can also prepare by bringing a deck of cards, board games, books, balls, and squirt guns. Send your kids out on a scavenger hunt for items such as pine cones, rocks, sticks, a picture of a certain flower or an anthill etc. and award a small prize to the winner. Take the time to enjoy nature with your kids. Experience the sounds, views, and wildlife – let go of any stress and just have a fun, relaxing time!


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